Whether you’re a hobbyist or own a woodworking business, you need custom moulder knives. And at Byler Industrial Tool& Supply, we offer only the highest-quality custom moulder knives. We know that woodworkers like you demand accuracy and precision, and that’s why our knives are manufactured using only the best steels and carbide.

Even the most challenging jobs are no match for our custom moulder knives. If you can dream it, you can achieve it with our selection of knives. Don’t waste any more time with low-quality knives that force you to compromise on durability, accuracy, or precision. Call us today at (615) 763-6227 to place an order, and be sure to ask about our 100-percent guarantee for tool performance.

What Are the Best Uses for Our Custom Moulder Knives?

Chances are, you already know what you could use a new custom moulder knife for in your daily workflow. But if you aren’t already convinced, here are a few common applications:

Furniture restoration
Restoring furniture or modernizing it requires precise cuts that preserve the piece’s natural beauty without harming its structural integrity, and custom moulder knives can achieve just that.

Custom cabinetry
Ornate and decorative custom cabinets demand some of the most accurate cuts out of all woodworking projects. Without our selection of custom moulder knives, your edges will be less defined and your finished products less showroom-worthy.

Furniture design
When you’re building an entire piece of furniture, you need every individual cut to be on-the-money and exactly as you drew it up. The high-quality customer moulder knives in our product catalog won’t let you down and will help you create the furniture of your or your customers’ dreams.

Get the Clean Cuts and Long-Lasting Durability Your Woodworking Demands

As a master craftsman, you know your trade and your projects better than anyone else. That means you also know that you can’t waste time with slow, rough cuts that lack precision and accuracy. Low-quality components don’t just result in poor finished products—they also get dull much faster than those manufactured with high-quality materials.

Our custom moulder knives are built to fit a wide variety of woodworking machines, including those manufactured by Woodmaster, Powermatic, Belsaw, RBI, Jet, William & Hussey, and Shop Fox. For a free quote, send us a wood sample or fax your DXF drawing to (615) 763-0253.