While it’s true that sharp knives are more likely to cut you if they come into contact with your skin, most cuts occur because of knives slipping due to excessive force. Think about the last time you had to really bear down to cut through meat, a vegetable, or a piece of fruit. That extra force helped you make the cut, but it also increased your risk of slipping and seriously injuring yourself.

The same principle applies to saw blades. Dull saw blades may seem safer because they don’t cut as easily, but they also require more force. When you’re moving a piece of wood or metal through them, you face more resistance, and that requires more pushing and pulling. The more you have to work to make the cut, the more likely you are to make a mistake that results in a catastrophic injury.

You Don’t Always Need New Saw Blades to Protect Yourself and Improve Your Efficiency

If your blades seem dull, you don’t have to rush out to buy new ones. Instead, you can take advantage of our saw blade sharpening service. We offer the following sharpening services:

We offer a 100% performance guarantee on our saw blade sharpening service, and we’re a certified Freud sharpener, which means we deliver the best results in the business.

Get Your Blades Sharpened and Enjoy All the Benefits

We’re ready to breathe new life into your blades. Don’t risk a serious injury because of a dull blade that refuses to cut without serious elbow grease. A freshly sharpened blade not only makes your work safer, but it also makes it better due to increased accuracy and precision.

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