When you’re cutting metal or wood, having sharper blades doesn’t just mean making more accurate cuts. It also means safer work. With freshly sharpened blades, there’s less resistance, and that means less of a chance of slipping and cutting yourself.

Sharpening blades isn’t the only way we keep our customers safe. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a mom-and-pop operation, or do wood and metalworking on a much larger scale, we have something to make your work safer.

Safety Products We Offer

Safety Products

  • Back supports
    Back supports are essential for work that involves lifting, maintaining a specific bodily position for long periods of time, or frequent bending. These are all common with wood and metalworking, and we offer a variety of back supports based on your needs.
  • Eye, ear, and head protection
    Cutting metal and wood can be loud and dangerous. It’s important to protect your ears from the noise and your eyes and head from sparks and other debris. We offer to earplugs, earmuffs, safety glasses, and hard hats to keep you safe.
  • Face masks
    Face masks have become ubiquitous due to COVID-19, but wood and metalworkers have been using them for decades to protect themselves from airborne particles that can be inhaled.
  • Hand protection
    One of the biggest risks of operating a saw blade is cutting your fingers or hand. We offer a full range of hand protection, from nitrile gloves to grip gloves to heavy-duty knit gloves.
  • Safety vests
    One of the core tenets of safety in an industrial environment is visibility. Our selection of safety vests can keep you, your employees, and any guests safer when they’re near your equipment
  • Straps and harnesses
    Using straps and harnesses can significantly reduce the risk of worksite injuries, whether they’re from falls or repetitive stress. We offer multiple harnesses to fit your wood or metalworking operation’s needs.
  • SawStop
    Saws cut off around 4,000 fingers per year. Even the most safety-conscious users are at risk. SawStop virtually eliminates the problem, as it instantly shuts off as soon as the blade makes contact with skin.

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