When it comes to building cabinetry and other storage furniture, high-quality and reliable hinges are key. And at Byler Industrial Tool, we strongly recommend the Supreme Compact Hinge. It features the ultimate combination of being fast and easy to install and re-install, while also being extremely reliable over long periods of time.

Improve Your Shop’s Efficiency with This Hinge

Time is money, especially when you’re building large numbers of cabinets and storage furniture. Hinges are notoriously labor-intensive during their installation process, and that’s why the Supreme Compact Hinge is a game changer. It’s track-lock mechanism makes it a breeze to install. In fact, you can install hinges on five cabinets in the time it takes to install other hinges on a single cabinet.

In addition, the Supreme Compact Hinge offers tool-free assembly and disassembly for door to face frame cabinets, saving you even more time and making it easier for your customers to use their cabinets and furniture as they see fit.

Get the Essential Features You Need with the Supreme Compact Hinge

The Supreme Compact Hinge isn’t just easy to install, assemble, and disassemble—it’s also extremely practical. It features a soft close mechanism and silent and smooth closing performance, ensuring customer satisfaction for years to come.

Its height, side, and depth can also be adjusted in six directions, and it includes both 1-1/4” and ½” overlay options—a rarity among hinges. All of these features come in an attractive design complete nickel finish, making it rust and corrosion resistant in a variety of climates and environments.

Interested in outfitting your cabinets and storage furniture with the Supreme Compact Hinge? Shop online today to review the rest of its features, as well as our entire inventory that’s designed to meet all of your shop’s needs.