When it comes to woodworking, precision and efficiency are key. Achieving both requires plenty of skill and practice, but high-quality tools can also go a long way towards making projects of all sizes and shapes easier to complete. That’s why we’re proud to sell the Grex 23 Gauge P650 Headless Pinner.

It’s ideal for a wide variety of woodworking applications, including light wood assembly, finish and trim work, molding and decorative trim, dowel and joint pinning, paneling, furniture, display and signage work, and much more.

What Makes The Grex P650 Pinner Better than Others?

This pinner is the first of its kind to sport a 2” fastener capability, giving users even more flexibility and options when working with soft or hardwood. In addition, it utilizes a Posit-Lock™ Nose Cover, which helps ensure the headless pin maintains optimal drive performance. That adds up to a woodworking tool with extremely tight tolerances, unrivaled durability, and a functionality that significantly reduces the risk of frustrating and time-wasting jams.

It also includes various user-friendly features like a swivel disconnect to prevent air-hose tangles, a detachable no-mar tip and side bumpers to prevent accidental damage to projects and the tool itself, four sight guidelines along the tip to improve pinning accuracy, a belt hook for easy access, and even a silenced rear exhaust to minimize noise.

We Sell and Repair Grex Power Tools

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