At Byler Industrial Tool, it’s our goal to help make life easier for anyone who works with wood products, including cabinets. Whether you’re installing kitchen cabinets, shop cabinets, or any other type of cabinets, it’s important to be aware of potential pitfalls, including excessive joint pressure, staining, and cracking/splitting.

We’re proud to offer panel expansion spacers for cabinet doors—a product that’s designed to eliminate those common problems. In addition, they also help ensure flawless frame and panel assemblies. Their softness means they can accommodate normal wood expansion and contraction, while remaining firm enough to prevent panels from rattling. Finally, they don’t bleed oil onto wood, which is a common problem with other expanders and can result in unsightly stains.

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Want more information? Here are the details on these handy devices:

Easy to use—No special tools are required to utilize our panel expanders. In fact, they can be installed by hand.

Available in different quantities and sizes—We can fulfill a wide variety of needs, including large quantities of panel expanders and projects that require specific sizes.

Create a more solid sounding and feeling cabinet—A big part of cabinet satisfaction is the way they sound and feel. Our panel expanders improve cabinet performance in many ways.

Allow cabinet panels to naturally center themselves—Wood naturally expands and contracts over time, and our panel expanders work with it, not against it, resulting in a natural and automatic fit.

Simply put, if you work with cabinets, you need our panel expanders. Contact us to get more information on the various sizes and quantities we offer.