Signature Pro Series Lazy Susans

SIGSHO32PCPF  –  2-32” Pie Cut Shelves
SIGSHO30PCPF  –  2-30” Pie Cut Shelves
SIGSHO28PCPF  –  2-28” Pie Cut Shelves
SIGSHO32FRPF  –  2-32” Full Round Shelves
SIGSHO30FRPF  –  2-30” Full Round Shelves
SIGSHO28FRPF  –  2-28” Full Round Shelves



The Signature Pro Series offers all the benefits as the Signature Series plus delivers independent rotation.

  • American made shelf with a solid wood, steam bent continuous rim.
  • Available in Pie Cut, Full Round, or D-Shape.
  • Bottom mount post allows for 100% storage capacity on top shelf.
  • 2700# bearing carries all the weight providing strong, smooth and quiet rotation.
  • Signature PRO Series hardware is independent rotation.