Classic Knife Blocks

KB6PF  –  6-1⁄2” x 22” Trimmable Knife Block (5 Knife Slots)
KB12PF  –  12-1⁄4” x 22” Trimmable Knife Block (11 Knife Slots)



Do you need knife organization? Made from solid maple we offer these in 5 and 11 slot knife blocks. Each knife block is coated with our 60 sheen conversion varnish.

  • Solid maple block.
  • Beautifully prefinished with natural finish.
  • Front storage compartment for smaller items.
  • Trimmable on both length and width.
  • Choose from 5 slot knife block (KB6PF) or the 11 slot knife block (KB12PF).
  • Combine with Century silverware and utensil tray inserts to create the ultimate in drawer organization.