Q90 Contact Adhesive – Pebble Pattern


  • Fast Tack, Great for Multiple Substrates
  • Pebble Pattern for Superior Bond
  • HAPS Free
  • Water-Resistant Bond
  • Meets and Exceeds the SCAQMD Rule 1168


Quality Aerosols Q90 California Compliant Contact Adhesive is a high strength, high shear and fast tack adhesive. Our adhesive is specially formulated for making permanent bonds. Q90 Adhesive is best effective when both surfaces are coated. It can be used on all types of wood, most metals, laminates, veneers, felt and many other substrates. Q90 is a high solids adhesive with superior bond strength. It is resistant to high temperature and has a water resistant bond. Q90 is unique as it sprays out in a PEBBLE PATTERN.

Used for the permanent bonding of wood, metal, laminates, veneers, plastics, cloth, fiberglass insulation and other substrates.

Product Usage
Q90 Adhesive is designed as a two surface bonding application. Spray an even coat of adhesive to cover 85%-100% of the surfaces. Surfaces need to be dry and free of oil and debris. Allow solvents to dry 3-5 minutes until adhesive becomes tacky. It is recommended to apply a second coat after the first coat has become tacky. Put the coated surfaces together and apply pressure. Full adhesive strength will be reached in 24 hours. Q90 is not recommended for any one surface bonding. All surfaces should be tested for compatibility.