Q320 High Strength/Fast Tack Contact Adhesive


  • Quick tack, High shear
  • Long Open Time
  • Short Tack Time for Faster Applications
  • Great for the RV and Cargo Trailer Industry
  • Works with MRP


Quality Aerosols Q320 Contact Adhesive is a non-chlorinated, high strength, high shear, fast tack adhesive. Q320 adhesive is specially formulated for making permanent bonds. It can be used on many substrates such as wood, particle board, plywood, FRP board, cork, felt (with no bleed through), soft cell foam, and many other porous and non-porous surfaces. It has a quick tack and long working time that makes it ideal for large jobs. Q320 has no chlorinated solvents.

Used for the permanent bonding of wood, particle board, plywood, FRP board, felt, cork and many other substrates.

Product Usage
Q320 Contact is designed to be applied to both surfaces to be joined. Spray an even coat of adhesive to cover 80%-95% of the surfaces. Allow 3-4 minutes to dry. For crucial areas, such as edgebanding, it is recommended to apply a second coat on wood after the first coat has dried and become tacky. Place the coated surfaces together and apply uniform pressure for strongest bond. Full adhesive strength will be reached after 24 hours.