Laminate Lubricant


  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Lubricates and Allows “Burn Free” Trimming of Laminate
  • No Pastes or Waxes
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Protects Against Scratches from Router Bits


Quality Aerosols Laminate Lubricant will give you professional results on all of your laminate projects. Our Laminate Lubricant is a highly concentrated silicone spray that is specially designed for the laminate industry. It is great for protecting against burns and scratches that occur when using self piloting router bits.

Applications Product
Used for use with plastic laminates. This highly concentrated silicone formula leaves a protective coating that will shield plastic laminates from burns and scratches caused by self-piloting router bits.

Shake can before use for approximately 60 seconds. Make sure surface is free of dust, dirt, oil, wax, and loose paint. Surface must be completely dry. Point Applicator towards the surface to be coated. Depress tip and spray onto the surface to be coated prior to putting laminate into the router.